tad vs. tōd

TADsters, there’s been some confusion about the project that we want to clear up. We’ve gotten a lot of phone calls recently wondering why we are trying to raise money for a Kickstarter that’s already been successfully funded. Our first reaction was: “WOW, ALREADY?” After some more research, we came to find that many people had confused us with a brilliant little project called tōd that “builds an even closer connection between our real lives and mobile devices,” according to Mashable. By the way, Congratulations tōd, on funding your project!

not tad

Conincidentally, and probably lending to the confusion, tōd is visually and functionally similar to the Patch® in rudimentary ways.

The Patch®

Well, we hope that clears the air. Once again, TAD is a conference about IDEAS, and tōd is a technology invention. Both great, both innovative! Both popular enough to become fully funded on Kickstarter.

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