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Introducing the Water of TAD!


TWO WEEKS TO GO on the Kickstarter. We’ve got an exciting announcement to get your inspiration levels up! Have you noticed the world is suddenly crawling with Kickstarters? People making technology widgets, Robocop statues, Celebrities making millions… and plenty

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Sarah Silverman TAD Visualization


Three years on from her controversial “New Perspective on the Number 3000” presentation, Sarah Silverman has been invited to speak at this year’s TAD conference, with the assurance that our audience is ready for her caliber of ideas. We’ve guaranteed

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tad vs. tōd

The Patch®

TADsters, there’s been some confusion about the project that we want to clear up. We’ve gotten a lot of phone calls recently wondering why we are trying to raise money for a Kickstarter that’s already been successfully funded. Our first

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